Choosing Top Places To See In Norway

I have a love/hate relationship with these lists of places to see in Norway. On the one hand, they highlight a few cool places a lot of people planning a trip to Norway would love to cross of their list. On the other hand it leaves everything else out!

It’s like saying you love one of your children more than the others. They may have vastly different characteristics, but any one of them are to die for!

Choosing Top Places To See In Norway

My tips for planning a Norwegian trip? Go everywhere, see everything. It may take a lifetime, but hey, I’m okay with that. If duty calls you home, just plan on coming back again later.

People that look at the world with open eyes, an open mind, and an open heart – wow, do they have an adventure!

These are the people that make the most of the midnight sun whether they are on a mountain top or the shoreline. These are the people who look at a church like a gold mine because it shows their roots.

Instead of a list of places to visit in Norway, how about a list of people to be in Norway?

  1. The outdoor adventurer
  2. The elegant shopper
  3. The extraordinary photographer
  4. The genealogy detective
  5. The history buff
  6. The foodie
  7. The art aficionado
  8. The music fan
  9. The Viking explorer
  10. The aurora chaser
  11. The animal lover
  12. The adrenaline junkie
  13. Your choice

Once you’ve decided what is interesting to you, it’s easier to decide which stops are the best destinations in Norway for you.

  • Looking for extreme sports? Voss has to be on your list!
  • Love music? Map the summer festivals or catch a concert at Edvard Greig’s home in Bergen.
  • Northern lights on your list? Start at Tromsø.
  • Reading books with a glass of wine at a little fisherman’s cabin on the waterfront is cozy all along the coast, but, there’s a good chance you will fall in love with Lofoten!
  • Want to get away from the tourists try Senja.

Am I saying these are the the places to go in Norway? Nope. I’m saying find your own path and have the time of your life!

Are museums calling your name? Oslo is awesome! So are a number of other places. Listen to your heart. Do you want art museums, cultural museums, Viking museums? Narrow down your goals to what is really meaningful to you. Look for that list.

Will you miss some other sights? Of course. It is up to you how much variety you want in your journey. However, in planning a trip to Norway you may just find that a deep dive into something you find fascinating will be more rewarding than skimming through “top locations” that are lovely, but without passion.

Rather a bit correctly than much incorrectly.
~ Norwegian Proverb

If you truly do want a list of places to visit in Norway, there are plenty to choose from. These lists can get you started, but remember, where you finish is up to you!

Comment with who you want to be in Norway. What Norwegian places or topics fascinate you?

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