Freaky Foods From Norway

Believe me, you don’t run a website and a flock of social media pages about a topic unless you really, really like it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some quirks that may cause the occasional raised eyebrow!

Some items from Norway traditional foods may be somewhat of an, shall we say, acquired taste.

We are looking for your input!

  • Click thumbs up if you like an item, or would at least try it with a smile.
  • Click thumbs down if you dislike it, or would need some serious motivation to get it near your face.
  • Click the + or if you know about an item that should be added to the list.
  • We would love your comments on Norwegian traditional foods, whether you like them or not!
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  2. Doreen Braaten Daily

    I can eat lutefisk, would be willing to try rakfisk, but when my dad brought out the gamelost I left the house.


    • 🙂 It seems like every culture has its share of sketchy foods, loved by some and revolting to many. By far, most Norwegian foods are pretty normal and don’t fall into this category.

  4. We have enjoyed so many wonderful strange Norwegian dishes for many years, especially during the Christmas holiday. I’m trying to figure out if what the dish we called Finka has another name. I think it might be Lomamus but may also be called Kalvesylte or is Lomamus and Kalvesylte the same thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. Many years ago, in Norway, my mother in law bought some gammelost and put it in a kitchen cupboard. Next morning when she looked out the window she saw animal tracks in the snow coming around the kitchen corner (outside) close to the house but outside the kitchen it veered away from the house until it was past the corner. Then the tracks came back close to the house again. Guess the animal was not fond of the gammelost smell. (I happen to like gammelost).

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