Official Flag Flying Days In Norway

Norwegian Flag Flying in Stadlandet, Norway

The only thing prettier than a picture of Norway, is a picture of Norway with a Norwegian flag flying in it!

On a flag day, Norwegian government agencies must comply and residents are also encouraged to participate. The Day of the Sami People is especially colorful because the Sami flag is flown in addition to the Norwegian flag.

Reasons for a Flag Day

While flags can fly on any day, there are a number of formal Flag Days that are written into the Norwegian Constitution. As seems reasonable, many are historical events or official holidays. The others are special birthdays!

Members of the Royal House each have their own flag day which is celebrated on their birthday. While everyone related to the monarchy is, to some degree, royalty, there is a special category called the Royal House. This includes the reigning King or Queen, those directly in the line of succession, and the spouses of those people.

If a member leaves the Royal House, for example when Princess Märtha Louise was married in 2004, they are still of the royal family, but they lose their Royal House status and their flag day.

A flag day is not celebrated in remembrance of a deceased member of the monarchy. If a member of the Norwegian Royal Family dies, the flag flies at half-mast every day from the date of notification of the death received until the funeral has taken place. When the funeral has ended, the flag is raised again. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with that for a very long time!

Date Holiday Comments
January 1 New Year Official Holiday
January 21 Princess Ingrid Alexandra Birthday
February 6 Day of the Sami People Flag Day
February 21 King Harald V Birthday
May 1 Labor Day Worker’s Day
May 8 Liberation Day End of German Occupation, 1945
May 17 Constitution Day 1814
Varies Easter Official Holiday
Varies Pentecost Day AKA Whit Monday
June 7 Union Dissolution Day End of Swedish Union, 1905
July 4 Queen Sonja Birthday
July 20 Crown Prince Haakon Magnus Birthday
July 29 Olsok (St.Olaf Day) King and Patron Saint of Norway
August 19 Crown Princess Mette-Marit Birthday
September, Varies Election Day Alcohol Sales Prohibited
December 25 Christmas Official Holiday
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